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From the start.

Living on my Grandparents small holding as a child gave me a passion for nature and the environment as well as learning my practical capabilities. Making do a mending machines like tractors taught me the basics of engineering of which I used after training further at college. I went into engineering for a number of years gaining experience and accuracy of which I now use in woodworking.

After learning how to turn metal and wood on my Grandfathers lathe who was a wraught iron draughtsman by trade. Later on I started making wooden spindles, bowls and plates as a hobby along with small pieces of furniture.

Even though I still have a keen interest for engineering, I found my artistic flare was not being fulfilled and decided to re-study at college and went on into furniture making with Barry Feldman. Now I have also had the pleasure of working with Paul Crudge who studied furniture making with John Makepeace for 10 years, of which I have gained valuable experience.

From working in the building/construction trade I have built up a knowledge of all the trades and have completly renovated numerous period properties. Of which I always enjoyed the woodworking side and the satisfaction it gave me.

I went on into bench joinery with a company called Andrew Jaynes windows and doors gaining a wealth of knowledge within the trade doing the joinery, finishing, glazing and supervising the site work.

Bench Joinery

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