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Passing on skills and training in the workshop.
Fitting sliding sash windows.
Fitting roof light window.
Fitting double glazed sash windows.
Spray paint finishing of sash windows
Alaskan sawmill green wood planking preparation.
Landrover for wood collection & sawmill.
Furniture design and making.
We provide a very flexible approach to the design of your bespoke piece from a straightforward coffee table to an entirely designed kitchen which meets your individual needs and taste.
The furniture we make will last you a lifetime and more allowing you to pass it down to future generations to come and personal & unique enough to call it an individual piece.
Joinery, fitting, repair and maintenance.
We take on individual projects, e.g. one door, window or an artistic spiral staircase centrepiece to managing full house renovations or new builds working alongside architects, building control and all the relevant trades to provide you with a seamless and smooth running project.
Using traditional craftsmanship, we provide in keeping work to fit and best suit the period of your property.
If you have good existing single glazed sash windows we can fit double glazed high-performance] glass into your original frames to provide better insulation to heat loss and sound resulting in a better efficiency which can reduce your energy rating and save you considerable money on council tax and heating bills. 
We provide a sash window renovation service including re-sizing, re-cording of counterweights, re-weighting, balancing of sashes and replacement or repair of any rotten wood to extend the life of your original windows. Further to this brush strips can be added to your existing sash windows or doors to stop annoying drafts entering your property.
No job is too small for us with a quality of craft that will last.
Finishing service.
We provide a finishing and protective coating service to best suit the environment of which it is in marine, external or internal.
We provide a number of finishes from French polishing, wood darkening with ammonia or limed oak to oiled, varnished or painted.
Please call us and discuss your preferred finish further.  
Mobile tree planking & raw wood preparation service.
If you have wood on your land or in your garden that you would like to use or have made into a beautiful piece of furniture, we come to you and cut your trees to your requirements.
We use an Alaskan sawmill for mobile access and remote places to size and prepare felled or fallen trees up to 36" 900mm in width. Planks can be cut in various thicknesses from 1/2" to 13" 13mm to 325mm.
For areas where access is not a problem, we use a horizontal band saw which comes on its trailer. Rental of the bandsaw is on a daily basis and comes with an operator.
We seal the end grain and store the wood under cover for seasoning until the moisture content is suitable for use. 
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