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Why not relax unwind and soak up the bubbles at bathtime while also enjoying your favourite film and your best vintage wine. This bath tray sets the mood to relax when the candels are lit and you lay back... then life begins to be a little less hectic... with a bit of me time...


This tray can also be used to go across arm rests on your favourite arm chair.


Made of solid Oak which is FSC certified to be from a reliable and sustainable source.


This bathtime tray has a wine glass holder two tee light holes and an iPad/ Tablet stand as standard


Finished in superior Danish oil with a dry finish and a subtle sheen.


Other sizes available please call us with your own measurements.

Wooden bath tray.


Length 700mm

Width   215mm

Depth    25mm

Minimum internal size of bath width 560mm

Maximum external size of bath width 700mm


Other sizes available please call us.

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