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Garden bench/Memorial bench made from solid oak for that perfect resting place.


Makes a great wedding gift, have your guests sign the bench and we can go over your special messages and names and carve them into the oak wood for a perminant memory of your special day. 


This solid oak bench is constructed of FSC Certified English or Europeon green oak.


The appearance of green oak will age and settle into its own natural shape. Which increases the natural beauty and character of this wood as time goes on much like an oak framed house.


Solid oak bench with personalised hand carved message.

SKU: 366615376135191

                This Bench dimensions are:

                                 Length 1700mm 

                            Total height 900mm

                        Seating height 450mm

Depth with angle on back rest 500mm

                        Seat thickness  44mm

                        Leg Thickness 100mm

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