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Come and have a go learning letter carving in our workshop in Ripple near Deal Kent. This is a one on one course, where you will be taught and shown how to set up and carve letters into wood for the first 2 hours. A break of half an hour for tea and coffee. In the second 2 hours, you will have a go for yourself and have someone looking over your work at all times to point you in the direction of carving better letters. You can bring a piece of wood or purchase some from us, so you can take home what you choose to do as a memory of which will last a lifetime.


Skills you will learn

  • Chisel sharpening & polishing
  • Wood selection
  • Wood preparation
  • Setting out of letters
  • Roughing out bulk of wood with chisel 
  • Finishing the letters with a variety of hand chisels
  • Cleaning up the letters and finishing with Tung oil or Danish oil.
  • How to drink lots of tea and coffee


When you order this course as a gift, you will be sent an A4 invitation to the class. The receiver of this gift can then ring up and book an appropriate time for themselves. 

Introduction to basic letter carving course.

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